What Others are saying about the Book!

What Others are saying about the Book!

What Others are saying about the Book!

The book discusses tips and techniques on how to revamp your sex life from a practical point of view. That is why it requires you (and your spouse together) to go through 21 challenges wherein you will need to do practical assignments . These challenges and assignments take you by the hand step by step to overcome any roadblocks you are having in your sexual intimacy. They also teach you tips and techniques on how to make sex feel wonderful for both of you.

The challenges not only cover “physical” techniques to spice up your intimacy, but also shows you how you can have true “spiritual” and “emotional” intimacy , so that you two are gelled together properly in the most beautiful relationship that you have.

While designing the challenges and the assignments, we made sure all the solutions, techniques and tips suggested in the book are completely halal , and that there is no violation of any principles and ahkam of the Quran and Sunnah .

Section 1: Spiritual Intimacy

  • Challenge #1: Building the Basic Thoughts
  • Challenge #2: Getting Over Your Past
  • Challenge #3: Creating Positive Thoughts about Sex
  • Challenge #4: Knock out Her Self-Doubt
  • Challenge #5: Beste plattelandsite Boosting up Her Confidence
  • Challenge #6: Embracing His Body
  • Challenge #7: Understanding Each Other’s Sexual Drives
  • Challenge #8: Power Up the Romance with Kisses

Section 2: Emotional Intimacy

  • Challenge #9: 9 Fun Ways to Play with Him/Her

Section 3: Physical Intimacy

“ Salaams and JazakAllah Khayr for writing such an important and informative book which has been done tastefully and respectfully but also very openly and in a warm, trusting and instructive voice. Masha Allah an achievement.

As someone who had thought of training as a sex therapist (specifically for Muslim couples as like you, I recognise the desperate need for enlightenment on this topic), I applaud you for the courage and commitment to compile and write the book. Although I have only flicked through it and only read parts, so far, I particularly like the mutual gender sensitivity, i.e. that you address the needs of both partners. Also that you set targets or activities.

There were parts of the book which were a revelation to me, which is odd because I am a 41 year old woman who has been sexually active for over 23 years and been married twice.

I am so pleased for this Ummah that you have provided such a gem and I pray that Allah SwT blesses you with reward and Sadaqa jaariyah for your efforts. Ameen thum ameen! Keep up the good work in shaa Allah.”

“ First of all let me say that i am awaiting my nikah on this December insha Allah. Let me tell you honestly, your book (Better Love with Better Half) had given me a deep insight to the subject. May Allah bless you for that.

So, as soon as i saw your new book, I bought it at once. Alhamdulillah. Now i am going through the book little by little as i have only another 2 months to go. And let me tell you. I am sure that these 2 books have helped me shape up my mind and boost my confidence. Barakallahu feekum.”

MashaAllah. Am wowed and I pray my days come fast quick.” (From the comment, it seems he is not married yet.)

So What Are You Waiting For?

The book has tips on how you can boost your libido, so that you naturally feel the thirst for intimacy.

Enjoying a wonderful intimate life doesn’t require learning some physical techniques only, but also psychological and emotional things that so much help in injecting passion into intimacy.

Although it does contain lots of tips and techniques to enhance intimacy “physically” , but that’s not the complete picture. Out of the 21 challenges, 11 deal with how to awaken “spiritual” and “emotional” intimacy in your marriage.

With all these 3 aspects combined, i.e. “spiritual”, “emotional” and “physical”, you will experience intimacy with your spouse as you never experienced before.

You will really feel like you two are “like a garment” to each other as the Quran mentions in Surah al-Baqarah.

You will have to go through the 21 challenges along with your spouse. You will have to complete the practical assignments given with each challenge.

And these assignments are designed as small steps towards a deep connection with your spouse, so they might take 1 month, or even more (depending on your pace).

But once you go through these challenges, your intimacy will be on a completely different level. You will feel like you have gone back to that honeymoon phase, when you felt ecstatic being with each other. Your heart would skip a beat when you even looked at your spouse.

It’s even more important if you have been struggling in your intimate life, or even worse, completely frustrated with it. That’s not how it should be.

Allah wants us to have “tranquility” and “happiness” in our marriage. (Surah Ar-Rum []) That includes enjoying intimacy within marriage. If you are not enjoying it fully in your marriage, where else are you going to get it?

Even if you are having good intimacy in your marriage, and you are satisfied with your intimate life, you can always spice it up and turn the knob up from 90% to 100%.

These 21 challenges will help you make your intimacy more fulfilling. Even if you don’t like spices in food, I am sure you certainly will like more of them in your intimacy! 🙂

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