5. Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value

5. Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value

5. Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value

So, it doesn’t matter what you think, or how great you claim your customer service to be, once customers begin to feel ignored, they’ll switch over to, maybe your strongest competitors.

Rachel Miller says you should treat all customers as royalty, if you want your brand to be known as a top notch service provider.

Remember to invite your VIP customers to live events and one-on-one coaching programs. You need to be closer to them.

Apple treated Dang Sung as one of their VIP customers, after he spent ?12,000 for an Apple Watch Edition with 18-Carat Yellow Gold Case with Black Classic Buckle.

No matter your niche or market, when you put customers first and think about their welfare, you’ll nurture an army of brand advocates.

Avis has one of the highest level of consumer engagement for the Car Rental market. They always go the extra mile to answer customer questions and address complaints.

Information overload has become a major roadblock to engaging customers. Majority of the customers who lack focus could find themselves switching brands.

A study by Accenture found that, “46% of U.S. consumers said they’re more likely to switch providers than they were 10 years ago.”

More so, recent data shows that 72% of U.S. shoppers want to feel more in control than ever before when shopping.

Above all things, he’s passionate about the welfare of customers. He pays attention to customer questions, listens with rapt focus and delivers outstanding results.

6. Create custom content that addresses a bugging customer questions

Overall, content marketing is used to drive leads and acquire new customers, whereas, custom content is primarily used to engage and nurture existing customers.

It’s important to create useful content for your customers. This engagement strategy didn’t just begin today – it’s been used by large companies in the U.S., Uk, China, and more – although, in various forms – several years ago.

Even in the digital marketing world, top brands such as HubSpot, KISSmetrics, Moz, Search Engine Journal, QuickSprout, and the like, have mastered the art of using content to inspire customers.

Custom content is the way to go. According to Demand Centric, “78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. And 61% of buying decisions are influenced by custom content.”

The company have also embraced content marketing – specifically, they create more custom content that shouts out to their existing customers.

Time is precious. If you’ve a large customer base like Shopify, Moz, Volusion, and so forth, you can’t afford to answer every customer.

The easiest way to address that question is to create a custom content. I told you earlier that custom content is a type of content written to customers who are familiar with your product.

You could create custom to inform your customers about new features of your software, or how to install and setup a feature. KISSmetrics does that too well.

It doesn’t even have to be a new product or feature. It could be a new content that highlights an upcoming event, benefits, and how your customers can buy tickets.

Moz recently announced the MozCon 2016 and how their customers can qualify and win a free trip to the event.

All of these are examples of custom content. Because, the sole objective is to engage existing customers and give them a reason to stick to the brand.

7. Hold a customer-engagement summit

However, attending a summit or conference will broaden your horizon, and upgrade your learning curve in a dramatic way. The benefits are enormous New Mexico title loans.

The company found that 98% of attendees met or exceeded their expectation. And 80% of them discovered new skills to impact their organization and their career.

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